Uluslararası Anadolu Tarım, Gıda, Çevre ve Biyoloji Kongresi (TARGID)

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Dear Participants,

Organized by Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University and the Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology (TURJAF), the 5th International Anatolian Agriculture, Food, Environment and Biology Congress will be held in Tokat on 1-4 October, 2020 in order to bring up the developments in the fields of agriculture, food, environment and biology and to enable new collaborations in these disciplines.

For thousands of years, agriculture has been very important for feeding, dressing and supplying raw materials to the agricultural industry for human presence in the world and development of civilizations. Therefore, it will keep its importance in the future.

With the application of scientific knowledge and technology in agriculture, improvements in product quantity and quality have been achieved. However, a number of problems such as environmental pollution, product residues, and animal welfare problems have been raised in the last century because of intensive agricultural production.

Therefore, the main goal of congress is to examine the scientific and technological developments in agricultural production and it's techniques and agricultural production activities including food and textile industries together with their effects on environment. In addition, the congress aims to bring together scientists, public and private sector representatives from different countries and universities to exchange knowledge and to create more effective solutions by joining forces.  Many national and international researchers working in the fields of agriculture, agro-industries, and the environment are expected to attend this important meeting.

As in previous congresses, we believe that you will support us once more with your participation in the successful completion of this upcoming congress.


  Owner of the Congress  
  Prof.Dr. Rüstem CANGİ
Dean of Agriculture Faculty, Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University,  Turkey
  Coordinator of the Congress  
  Prof. Dr. Ahmet Şekeroğlu
Editor of TURJAF
  Congress Chairs  
Prof.Dr. Mehmet Ali Sakin
Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University, Turkey
Prof. Dr. Hasan Eleroğlu
Editor of TURJAF, Turkey
Prof.Dr. Sedat Karaman
Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University, Turkey